Beckett's Coffee Club

Your membership gets you unlimited coffee at Beckett’s Cafe (in the restaurant or ToGo) plus a 10% discount on all food for only $40 per month!

You will also be automatically enrolled in Beckett’s Loyalty Rewards Program to earn points on any food or beverage purchases! You will earn 40 points every month just for being a member.


Coffee Club Membership

  • Unlimited Coffee In-House & ToGo
  • 10% off All Food Purchases
  • Access to Beckett's Secret Menu
  • Earn Rewards You'll get 40 points added to your rewards account each month


Coffee Club Membership

  • Same as Monthly Coffee Club Membership
  • Save $5/month Just by paying annually
  • Earn 5 extra rewards points/month Earn extra rewards for paying annually even though you are paying a discounted rate. Rewards points will still be distributed monthly @ 40/month.